When learning about the frontend, new developers will inevitably come across Sass, a CSS preprocessor that stands for “Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets.”

Sass comes with several benefits, which are listed below:


Sass offers the ability to nest selectors within each other. This means that child selectors (e.g. .button) will be…

CSS Flexbox is a concept that I came across when working with Bootstrap 4 in a few of my coding projects. While I gleaned some knowledge about flexbox in my initial encounters, I recently decided to delve deeper into the concept to understand how it worked.

Why use Flexbox?


While researching Javascript data structures, I came across a data structure called a Set. I decided to delve a bit deeper into what constitutes a set, how it differs from an array, and ways that it could be useful in solving problems.

What is a set?

A set is an…

Christina Sohn

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